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    Russ, Thanks for this update. Things really sound dire, and I have shared your message with our administrative chief resident. We are preparing to rotate residents and consolidate services, and from what you are saying, the best laid plans may quickly ...

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    Russ, Thanks for sharing your insights. I think this forum will become invaluable for SSO members as we start seeing surges in other areas of the country. Sending you my best. Sandra ------------------------------ Sandra Wong MD, MS Dartmouth-Hitchcock ...

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    It is amazing how quickly supplies can run low when we all follow our routine practices such as changing masks multiple times during the average surgical day. We have been very lucky in that our hospitals have maintained the necessary PPE. However, there ...



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    Join the COVID-19 Community to discuss issues you face with your patients and institutions. Disease-specific resources are available for download in the community library.  During this unprecedented time, the need to access reliable information is paramount. ... More

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